Stay in touch with your colleagues and friends.

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Shared workspace, for chats/files and groups. Manage members within a team. Create groups of participants for important and quick mentions. Create chats within the team. These chats will exclusively be available to team members only.



A convenient tool for communicating with user groups. You can only contact members in the group and not distract other users from work. You can also add groups to thematic chats, and not be distracted by adding individual users.



Simply create chats, invite your friends and colleagues as required. Just write the name of the participant and they will automatically be added to the chat.


Free for individual use and small teams of up to 15 users

100€ per year for teams of over 15 users

Free Pro
Users in the team 15 Up to 1000
Number of groups Up to 30 Up to 300
Number of users in a group Up to 15 Up to 500
Can upload files up to 200Mb up to 1Gb
Storage size for a team Up to 10Gb Up to 100Gb
Audio and video calls Up to 20 users Up to 200 users
Screen sharing No more than 3 Up to 50
Audio recording Unavailable Up to 50 participants
Pricing Free 100€/YEAR

Custom setups/configuration available

Individual instance with your domain name

Installation into your equipment (on-premise)

History of use stored on your servers

Access control

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